Case Study: The introduction of TIMENSION Cloud at BOSAL- an easy-to-understand, smooth and user-friendly solution

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Cloud solutions have been in vogue for several years. For our customer BOSAL, a personalized and customer-specific offer of the TIMENSION Cloud for time recording was created on request.

Our customer BOSAL has already seized the trend of the industry 4.0 and is modernizing itself, also in the area of personnel management. A new, modern system was needed that could withstand the demands of the times and still consume few resources.

Customer-focused cloud solution

After a joint needs analysis, the TIMENSION Cloud was made available as a software solution for test access. BOSAL users were able to extensively test the new system for a week to identify specific requirements. TIMESYS set up the cloud before the actual deployment so that the customer can directly access a finished system after the implementation, taking his customer’s specifications into account. The complete package was rounded off by the immediately usable TIMESYS Industrial Terminals 2211 and the corresponding transponders.

Professional training saves time and money

In addition to the introduction of the TIMENSION Cloud, a personal training was conducted online using a Teamviewer access so that the users were in direct dialogue with the customer support during the system training. In this way, the most relevant questions could be clarified at the outset, which will save time in the future. After the successful implementation, it is still possible to guarantee comprehensive customer support.

Full case study (PDF) »

Case study (PDF) »