Visitor management

Access management from a single source

The TIMENSION visitor management is part of the TIMENSION access management and offers you the safe and controlled use of individual areas for visitors and suppliers in your company.

You gain a first-class overview of who is where and when in the company. Visitor information can be called up immediately, visiting times can be recognized and the current number of visitors present can be determined directly.

The reception or security staff records the personal details of the visitors and determines the validity of the visitor badge for the required period, regardless of whether an authorization is required for a few hours or several days will.

Regular visitors are stored in the database and can be found quickly using the search function.

Individual solutions

Of course, this also applies to our solutions for access control. With a tailored security concept , we secure all passages and driveways from the building complex to the parking lot. This is how you protect your employees, secure property, company data and documents around the clock. And if necessary, chronological processes can be precisely reconstructed.

Security and data protection

With TIMENSION, your programs and data are in safe hands. This is ensured by the high level of the TIMENSION security certificate, which protects your programs from misuse. The coordinated TIMENSION security concept also includes a maximum of 128 bit encryption. This means that the database content on the server or host as well as the data transfer to each user (client) is encrypted. Due to the security-oriented architecture, all content is on the servers. No data is saved on the user PC. Of course, the recorded data corresponds to the record-keeping requirement according to the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).

Unique processes require unique solutions - we easily adapt the application so that you achieve the best possible result.
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