TIMESYS concept for sustainability

Our company is following the example of the EU and developing an independent concept for the topic of sustainability. We are already working with small resources to conserve and reuse resources in our environment.

A small contribution can make a big difference

As a start-up aid with the most relevant information, a simple concept paper can make the big topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) more tangible. After all, you don't have to change the entire business model immediately - in most cases there is not the possibility of personnel and time to do this. But even small changes in the company can help the environment. We are already incorporating small changes into our work processes in order to work more sustainably and ecologically in the future.

If you have any questions about our company or would like to promote projects, you can send us a message. In our news we inform you regularly about current measures, projects and topics in the area of our sustainability concept.

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Shaping our future with sustainable goals

TIMESYS is committed to the environment through resource conservation and reuse with internal and external projects. Our goal: to produce C02-free within the next 10 years. As an interim goal, we want to reduce Co2 consumption by 30% over the next 5 years.

Sustainability management

Combining digitization and responsibility

We assume social responsibility by developing measures to minimize effects that have a negative impact on our environment and negatively affect society.

We take economic responsibility and deal with issues such as environmental protection and social engagement - if possible with profitable effectiveness in sustainable and resource-saving ways. We take ecological responsibility with measures that reduce our own environmental pollution and make our production and services CO2-free.


Efficiency and environmental awareness

We are not only more attractive for our customers, sellers and suppliers, interested parties and talents can also feel at home with us We pass on environmental awareness to our young generation and also train people with sustainable ideas.

We are becoming more efficient: by reducing energy costs, we save costs every year. The working atmosphere has already improved because our employees can identify more strongly with our company.



TIMESYS energy saving course: Success with small sensors

We use timers to turn the night lighting down to the minimum. A small amount of light is only generated for emergency lighting, all other lights are switched off after dusk. Our passageways in the business area are equipped with a motion detector so that electricity is only consumed when the paths are actually used. In addition, our exterior signage lighting is not additionally illuminated from behind in daylight and only switches on at dusk. The sensors automatically recognize when it starts to get dark again and switch off the background lighting in good time. This saves hours of electricity and permanently lowers the costs of energy consumption.

TIMESYS efficiency in electronic devices

In order to also reduce energy costs on our PCs and electronic devices, the employees have preset a dimming function for their screens, or the monitor switches itself on after a few minutes if you are absent for a long time Minutes and goes into the resource-saving stand-by mode. With a multifunction device we combine print, fax, scan and copy functions. Double-sided printing is also preset for all printers in order to save paper.

TIMESYS technologies for better workflow: eWorkspace

Not only our customers can map their work processes in the cloud while saving resources. As a company, we also deal with reducing material consumption through cloud-based work. By setting up a shared Google Drive workspace, our employees have the opportunity to work from any location and to access, edit and exchange documents with others at any time. Editing of the documents can be done directly over the internet and everyone can see the changes made in real time. With us, an effective exchange of knowledge and information collection is therefore possible without wasting resources and brings us one step closer to the paperless office .

TIMESYS disposal practice - in cooperation with the CaritasBox

The CaritasBox is a campaign by Caritas and INTERSEROH Product Cycle GmbH. The collected, empty printer cartridges are cleaned, prepared and refilled from the CaritasBox. Marked as "Refill", these cartridges are sold a second time and thus save valuable raw materials and energy-intensive production processes, such as B. the production of aluminum components in toner cartridges. In this way we relieve the environment and the non-profit organization receives money from the resales for projects that support people in need.

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TIMESYS internal health strengthening

For the well-being of our employees, we regularly receive tips from our company doctor for ergonomic and health-conscious workplace design. In addition, we strengthen the well-being and vitamin balance of our employees with fresh organic quality fruit and thus increase productivity. In the near future we would like to promote our employees with health courses and inspire them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

TIMESYS packaging management

We use as little packaging material as possible for our products and goods and try to reduce the size of the boxes to the minimum to the best of our knowledge. If individual orders can be delivered together, we inform the customer about a total delivery and do not send out individual packages to protect the environment. In addition, we reuse the packaging material that we receive from our suppliers when we receive the goods. We only use a fraction of the new packaging and get by with the material for a long time.

We work in a way that conserves resources and is aware of the need to preserve the environment.
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