System house with sustainability – With small sensors we minimize heating costs!


What has long since been automated at home by Smart Home can also be used in the office. By means of small sensors we minimize the heating output at the weekend and thus save energy and costs in our system house in the long term.

We know all about time recording and access. Whether hardware or software we offer automated solutions and sophisticated software. Our system house is now upgrading in the area of sustainability: With small sensors we can monitor and check the automatic weekend shutdown of the heating system during operation. After some time, we evaluated the data and illustrated our results.

We were able to increase our energy efficiency by permanently reducing the heating energy on weekends. Not only can energy costs be reduced automatically without the employees having to run down the heating on Friday afternoons and turn it down manually. Through automation, the simple “forgetting” of this activity can also be avoided.

The progress made in the field of sensor technology shows that even small companies can make a big impact in the area of sustainability through small measures.