The three essential pillars
our service promise

For almost all TIMESYS software products, we offer tailor-made maintenance solutions that ensure that your software is always state-of-the-art and that it meets the constantly growing security requirements. These optimize the availability of your IT infrastructure and thus guarantee that your company processes run smoothly and your profitability.

The three main pillars of our service promise

1. Access to new features, updates, optimizations and bug fixes

All TIMESYS products are continuously updated and optimized. Updates are occasionally required to ensure compatibility and / or to respond to changes in third-party software. In addition, our source code needs to be updated from time to time to ensure that our products always deliver the best possible performance and solution. You will automatically receive access to the latest product versions and updates as well as further optimizations and bug fixes.

2. Complete support protection

You benefit from our support via remote maintenance, hotline and email. We ensure that your IT problems are quickly resolved by qualified and experienced support staff in order to limit your downtimes to a minimum. Our experts are not only at your disposal for purely technical inquiries, but also help you with general questions about implementation or use. Our service offers you the certainty that your company’s data and infrastructure are continuously protected and that you can concentrate on the essentials.

3. Comprehensive compliance (adherence to current laws and guidelines)

As part of our applications and processes, we guarantee compliance with legal requirements and industry-specific guidelines. Of course, the integrity of your information technology systems is also guaranteed. All software solutions must meet the current compliance requirements of the laws in the different countries. Compliance requirements require proof, among other things, that IT infrastructures are secure and protected, that data are unchangeable in their original state and that fail-safe systems have been implemented. Our software maintenance contracts guarantee that your system is equipped with the latest security patches and the necessary relevant updates. Audits, stress tests and risk analyzes are prepared preventively.


With a software maintenance contract you protect your investments, your IT network, your processes and the efficiency of your company.

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