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Our range of XFamily and SuperGLASS series impresses with an elegant and contemporary design. It has a clear and simple user guidance with individually programmable surfaces.

Intuitively through touchscreen

We offer many models and modules for terminal identification, high storage capacity and individual equipment. Be inspired by a range of possibilities!

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The X1, X2 and X3 presence detection models combine compactness and ruggedness with power, technology and design. The X1, X2 and X3 series web terminals are multi-function presence detection units suitable for any type of work environment, including outdoor work.

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    Design Terminal X1 – The basic model of the XFamily

    The X1 is our cheapest version for time recording with an LCD screen. It offers the ideal calculation and accounting of cost centers. X1 is easy to install and requires only a power and network connection.

    The model is easy to configure via a web interface. Setting parameters, ID cards, users with names, approvals, checking the booking can be managed directly via the web, for example.

    All functions for presence recording are already integrated, which means that your device can be used immediately! It is therefore particularly suitable for being connected directly to machines; also suitable for controlling individual work areas.

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    Design Terminal X2 – The extension of the XFamily

    The X2 is an extension of the X1 terminal with a numeric keypad under the LCD screen. Here you can also set relevant pin codes or number combinations.

    All features and functions are the same as with the X1, but it is also inexpensive and easy to mount. Again, you only need one power and network connection for commissioning.

    Configure all settings and manage your data directly via the web. Even with the X2, all functions for presence detection are already integrated so that you can start directly!

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    Design Terminal X3 – the flagship of the XFamily with touchscreen

    The elegant design is visually appealing especially for customer areas. With a modern color display and numeric keypad, it is equipped with a touchscreen that makes operation intuitive.

    The advantages of X1 and X2 are of course included: The X3 is easy to install, suitable for individual work areas and has the same compact dimensions.

    The large 4.2-inch color display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels allows sharply defined image reproduction as well as the display of transactions and the input of the causes, which can be selected with a simple finger tip.

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    SuperGLASS 4

    Style and innovation in a touch screen terminal

    SuperGLASS 4 is a time recording terminal that guarantees the highest level of security. It has a capacitive or resistive 4.3 inch color touch screen and buzzer for audible signals. It is innovative and easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface.

    SuperGLASS 4 is a ready-to-use device with built-in presence detection capabilities to meet a wide variety of data collection and enterprise security needs.

    For small-scale systems, the Web Table Editor feature allows autonomous management of the entire access control system directly from a PC’s browser, eliminating the need to install communication and configuration software.

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    SuperGLASS 7

    Elegant design, technological innovation and easy operation

    SuperGLASS 7 is our first presence detection terminal with capacitive touch screen and advanced features to meet the most complex operational safety requirements.

    Its innovative and modern design makes it suitable for any environment, even the most luxurious. The full-glass front adds shine and lightness to the capture device.

    The wide, durable touch screen color display not only allows you to see presence, but also to greet visitors, follow advertisements or provide information about the company

    You have not found what you are looking for or are not sure if you can meet all your requirements with one of our systems? Then just contact us and we will definitely find a solution or an individual plan for you!