Our company

You could call TIMESYS a modern family business. For 30 years we have been trying to live up to the good reputation of the stamp “Made in Germany” by developing strong and modern concepts in the area of ​​workforce management and access control for different fields. Since then our production of hardware and software is located in Germany.

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Our mission

For 30 years we understand every customer, his goals and processes. We develop solutions to all sorts of problems and consider a variety of custom requirements and restrictions. To this day, we have always succeeded in making the impossible possible, and this is still our guiding principle today!

The satisfaction of our customers is naturally at the top. These include, among other things, optimum service and maintenance by our experienced technicians on site.


In addition, it has always been a great concern for us to individually address the business-related circumstances and requirements of our customers. The motto was always “We do everything possible”!

It has also been very important over the years to keep up with the times and always be up to date with legal requirements and safety standards. Thanks to compatibility with all existing systems and individual solutions, we have always been able to guarantee flexibility. This is how TIMENSION develops and grows with our companies!