Individual software solutions

We create your solution

You believe that your company does not fit an external holistic system? Maybe we can make it suitable together! We constantly incorporate the opinions and wishes of our customers into the development of our solutions for optimal time recording.

Stay unique, we adapt to your wishes!

If you have company-specific requirements or ideas that you have not yet implemented with TIMENSION, talk to us and our specialists will find a satisfactory solution for you ! Of course, this also applies to our access control solutions.

Security and concept development

We also provide advice for your software access solution. With a security concept tailored to your needs, we secure all passages and driveways from the building complex to the parking lot. This is how you protect your employees, secure property, company data and documents around the clock.

And if necessary, chronological sequences can be precisely reconstructed. TIMENSION access control including property protection also offers you a comprehensive security concept for the effective protection of people and buildings, regardless of your company size and industry.

Security and data protection

With TIMENSION, your programs and data are in safe hands. This is ensured by the high level of the TIMENSION security certificate, which protects your programs from misuse. The coordinated TIMENSION security concept also includes a maximum of 128 bit encryption. This means that the database content on the server or host as well as the data transfer to each user (client) is encrypted. Due to the security-oriented architecture, all content is on the servers. No data is saved on the user PC. Of course, the recorded data corresponds to the record-keeping requirement according to the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).


We prefer to work with you instead of just "for you". That is why we take time for your wishes and requirements.
We can easily create a software package for you so that you achieve the best possible result.

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