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The TIMENSION employee portal offers all users central access to information, overviews and applications that they need for their daily work.

With TIMENSION applications for vacation, business trip, flextime, overtime etc. are recorded, processed, approved and automatically booked in TIMENSION personnel time management.

travel expenses including the recording and processing of telephone bills are created quickly. Vacation plans are always up-to-date and can be viewed. Even the booking of working times can be done at the PC workstation via TIMENSION virtual time recording.

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TIMENSION Mitarbeiterportal
The deputy regulation ensures an efficient workflow.

Planning board


The planning board offers vacation planning and vacation coordination with other employees as well as direct application for vacation, flextime, etc. All online without you having to pick up a sheet of paper. < / span>

Your applications can be forwarded to an authorized person immediately or at a later point in time.

Year planner

The year planner can be used primarily as a self-service function for employees and supervisors and offers you a detailed overview of all work and absence days in a year.

14 months are generally displayed so that when you select the year you can also see December of the previous year and January of the following year, which makes it easier to plan your holiday over Christmas / New Year. < / span>

You can also use the annual planner to carry out the entire application process, i.e. plan, send or cancel applications (identical to the planning board). As an additional support for your vacation planning, the school holidays of your federal state are shown hatched within the matrix.

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