Vario Terminals

Integration and Adaptation

The integration option of the TIMENSION 7744 Vario terminal allows seamless integration into the realities of your office, commercial and industrial properties. Since the Vario terminal can be installed either in commercially available flush-mounted boxes or simply on the wall, it is ideal if you would like to retrofit a time recording system without much effort or to extend an existing installation.

TIMESYS Industrie Terminals

7744 Vario terminals offer situation-specific housing variants

In combination with the TIMENSION software, the Vario terminals can be integrated anywhere and can be adapted to any budget. It also offers an exceptionally wide range of different applications: time recording, access control, cost center capture and custom applications. Can also be installed water protected to IP44. With impact and break-proof as well as theft-proof mounting, it is particularly suitable for public buildings and facilities.

Facts and modules

TIMESYS Industrie Terminals
TIMESYS Industrie Terminals

The combination of the modules is configuration-dependent and option-dependent. Not all modules can be combined in every configuration.

Access Port

  • Connection possibility: max. 16 Vario terminals (up to 16 digital inputs for contact monitoring, a maximum of 16 digital outputs for contact control) Access, time recording, cost center recording and individual applications can be combined


  • Memory: 2 GB


  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (LAN, WLAN)

Radio clock connection

  • Seconds accurate synchronization of time and date with the atomic clock of the PTB
  • Automatic summer and winter time changeover including time synchronization of the host

Internal power supply

  • 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Vario Terminal Apps

  • 7744 TIMENSION access
  • 7744 TIMENSION time recording
  • 7744 TIMENSION Time recording with cost center change
  • 7744 TIMENSION customer-specific application


  • Standard 19 “rack / table enclosure

Since we individually assemble the devices from our Vario line for each individual customer, the terminals can not be ordered in our webshop. However, if you are interested, we are always at your disposal by telephone or e-mail and will gladly advise you on the optimal time management system for your company.