Style and innovation in time recording! The X4 GLASS Touch Screen Terminal


Let’s introduce: Our X4 of the GLASS series is a time recording terminal that guarantees maximum security. The X4 is innovative and very easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface. An attractive 4.3-inch color touch screen in a ready-to-use device.

Thanks to the integrated presence detection functions, which make it possible to meet the most diverse data collection and corporate security requirements, you can connect and use the X4 directly with a power supply unit. For systems with small dimensions, the Web Table Editor function allows you to autonomously manage the entire access control system directly from a PC browser, eliminating the need to install communication and configuration software.


  • Clear visualization of time and direction of movement
  • Efficient reporting of transaction results
  • Ability to perform transactions with PIN through the virtual keyboard
  • Free definition of the reasons
  • Visualization of messages
  • Personalized users
  • Ability to view all stamps of a user
  • Functionalities used to manage and control access
  • Whitelist, time zones and complete control of 2 passes even in environments where a high level of security is required (thanks to the 485 boards that can be installed in a secure environment)
  • X4 GLASS does not switch off in case of power failure! Thanks to the serial internal battery that keeps it working for hours.


You can use the X4 flexibly!

We will be happy to support you and advise you. Do you need a special security status? The real-time communication with the online server is based on an encrypted protocol during operation.

Would you like to use it as an offline terminal?

You can download stamps offline via an external USB interface (usable in the stand-alone systems with a protected password).