All services in a TIMENSION app

The TIMENSION app allows you anywhere and at any time flixibility and location-independent cooperation, also optimal in conjunction with the TIMENSION software.

Your employees share the same resources and content, regardless of workstation or location, absence planning, or time tracking. The entire workflow is mobile.

TIMESYS Software-Wartung


Location-independent time recording

Your employees work at different locations or even work internationally for you? The time recording in the TIMENSION app adapts flexibly to your in-house needs and individual requirements and guarantees mobile reliability.

All services united

The presence overview of the TIMENSION app also creates colored representations of all attendances and absences in the mobile version and therefore offers a clear and clear view of your absence plan.

Time saving and flexible

With our TIMENSION app, your employees can punch in and stamp out directly on the go. Even absences and vacation requests can be requested and released directly in the app. This saves you time and resources.

TIMENSION app brings flexibility in time recording

You would like to organize your time recording mobile and flexible, with little effort and effort? With the TIMENSION app you can combine all the services of the TIMENSION software on a mobile basis.