Repair & Maintain sustainably

  • 12 months TIMESYS warranty
  • Unrestricted spare parts supply through our central warehouse
  • Callback service by specialists
  • Exchange or repair via dropship
  • Repair directly in the TIMESYS factory
  • Optional loan or exchange device or service on site

TIMESYS maintenance contracts



The needed repairs are always carried out in the TIMESYS Düsseldorf plant and include also the repair time, replacement of defective components, wear parts - such as certain readers and keyboards. Optionally, a loan or exchange device can be made available to bridge the repair time in your company.

  • Hotline and remote maintenance
  • Reduced response and recovery times
  • Exchange or repair in express delivery
  • All necessary spare parts in stock


+ On-site Maintenance

In addition to our business service, repairs are usually carried out at the customer's facility (only nationalwide!). It includes the elimination of hardware malfunctions and damage, replacement of defective components, wearing parts - such as certain readers and keyboards - as well as a final functional test.

  • Regional service technicians for all of our maintenance customers
  • Free firmware updates
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability through our own regional technicians
  • Complete repairs including all spare parts on site


+ Plus-Preventive-Maintenance

As with our premium service, all functions of the bring-in and on-site maintenance contract are already included (only nationalwide!), but here you receive additional maintenance and cleaning of the terminals once a year as well as a fixed inspection time and regular check-ups at the site. Your terminals are sustainably maintained.

  • Maintenance and cleaning of the devices once a year on site
  • Fixed preventive inspection and maintenance intervals according to the protocol checklist (on site and / or via remote)
  • Regular preventive checking of the log files


The comprehensive service network from TIMESYS guarantees the shortest response times and the highest availability of the systems.

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