Trainee on the road: TIMENSION installation at the customer’s site!


Our trainee reports on her first experience with a customer project as well as the TIMENSION facility at the customer’s site.


Our experienced colleague picked me up right on Monday morning, so we then drove to the customer together. Freshly arrived, we were warmly welcomed by our contacts from IT and administration. The atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed from the moment we arrived. We started the project day for the TIMENSION facility with a little small talk and then gave an introduction to the topics.

First insight into TIMENSION

With presentations and practical exercises to try out, our customers were able to make their first personal experiences and get an insight into TIMENSION. Together we went through the most important menu items step by step and started with the basics first. This made it easier to understand and track the connection between the individual functions of the system and the processes.

What is important to our customers?

It is particularly important to our customers that employees have the opportunity to send requests and that supervisors can also see, approve or reject them. The checklist is just as important to you for organization and overview.

Set up

Our customers quickly became friends with our system and often made themselves available for the application exercises. Together and alternately, we individually set up and created the various working time models and booking types. The TIMENSION setup was very successful.


Observing and participating in this great collaboration from my perspective was a new experience for me. From this positive insight, which I gained from our customer project, I can take some things with me for the future and also for software support.


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