BARC study: Entrepreneurs want flexibility!

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BARC’s current study shows that flexibility is the key criterion for entrepreneurs in cloud-based solutions. The implementation of a cloud creates freedom and optimizes internal processes – also in the area of human resources, where flexible software solutions efficiently shape the customer-specific workflow.

According to the BARC study, 56 percent of entrepreneurs want flexibility and elasticity in cloud-based planning. Cloud solutions are used to reduce costs and effort – whether for budgeting or reporting, the optimization of their processes comes first.

These thoughts can be consistently applied to all internal processes. The requirements of the constantly evolving job market will become a challenge for entrepreneurs in the future. Home office, flexitime, shift schedules or mobile working – an infinite number of time models can be easily managed with an elastic system – if it is used to its full potential.

Why cloud-based solutions guarantee success

What is valuable here is a solution that can be configured independently of the system and can be flexibly adapted at any time. This solution is called the Cloud: One or more clerks have their own access to the cloud and can adapt the system web-based in a cloud and optimize processes on-the-go. The direct implementation, independent of location, time and device, saves complex coordination loops, time and energy in the company.

Always accessible, adaptable and, above all, data protected by German servers – these are just some of the advantages of a cloud-based solution. The most important thing, however, is that the solutions simplify processes – free up resources that would otherwise be required – and thus increase corporate success.

Pressure from the EU: Entrepreneurs are pioneers, public authorities follow suit

With the European Cloud Digital Strategy (ECDS), the EU Commission is putting pressure on public authorities in Europe to increase research and development into the cloud. What entrepreneurs have already recognized is the economic success of implementing clouds in their processes. Public organizations are still operating in backwoods systems and have an urgent need for modernization, including in human resources, where the specifications of working time models have changed dramatically in recent years. The flexible and reliable mapping and control can be easily and quickly covered by the cloud.

The company size does not play a role in the use of the cloud – can even help small and medium-sized enterprises to act more competitive and faster, because they can achieve the same results with little effort and resources as companies with a large number of employees.

Results BARC The Planning Survey 19

The four most important reasons according to the entrepreneurs for a cloud-based solution in the field of planning are: Flexibility (56%), reduction in hardware and software maintenance (45%), cost (32%) and implementation speed (26%). The results are not surprising – every company tries to act as economically as possible, but only a few manage the transfer to practical implementation. The courage to try it out is lacking – learning by doing is unthinkable and unpredictable without prior security?

TIMENSION Cloud – work simple and structured!

Adaptability, effort and cost reduction – systems must adapt to these customer expectations and combine flexible operation with maximum efficiency. This bridge between functionality and quality is in the hands of the providers. In order to automate processes and easily achieve visible effects, it is crucial to thoroughly question the customer’s wishes and understand his expectations.

The strength of the TIMESION Cloud lies in its extreme flexibility and special quality services. The integration takes place quickly, the operation covers all customer-specific functionalities and wishes individually and the expenses are transparent at all times. A secure Made-in-Germany solution that combines reliability and flexibility.

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