Delivery and shipping

ere you will find the delivery and shipping options of TIMESYS GmbH. If you have further questions, please contact

Shipping method & costs

The shipping costs can vary per category and size of the package and decrease, depending on which and how many items you summarize per order

  • The shipping costs are always displayed in detail during the payment process. So you always know before completing your order, which shipping costs you incurred
  • Did you order many products with various delivery times? Then the longest delivery time applies to the entire order. By doing so we try to avoid additional shipping costs for you. At your request, we can also ship the items as soon as they are available. There is an additional delivery cost for every package.
  • If it lends itself, articles are summarized in one delivery. This means you receive fewer shipments, which can significantly reduce the amount of waste.
  • We try by clever packaging to keep the shipping costs for you as small as possible.
The goods are delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer via the shipping route.

In the online shop, deviating delivery times may be indicated on the product if these still have to be procured from other warehouses or are manufactured by the manufacturer only on order. The earliest delivery time is determined predominantly after the written agreement with the buyer or in exceptions on 4-6 weeks, due to quantitative and personalized processing as well as customer-specific configuration of the products, from receipt of the purchase price or deposit or deposit on the seller's business account. There is no claim to on-site training.

The seller reserves the right to delay the delivery for a further 14 working days in the event that a delivery is not possible at an earlier date for reasons that are not the fault of the seller. In this case the customer will be informed immediately about the delay of the delivery.

The delivery of the ordered goods requires that the customer has submitted all the documents to be submitted by him, completed and signed by the seller in the original. These include, among other things, the signed purchase / rental agreement, signed guarantor's guarantee, document copies of customers and the guarantor. If the documents to be submitted are incomplete by the customer, the delivery period shall be extended accordingly.

In the event that a delivery can not be made due to force majeure or other circumstances whose elimination is impossible, the seller's obligation to pay. In this case, the customer is entitled to the statutory claims as a result of the impossibility.

The ordered devices are delivered in a sturdy box for safe transport. This must be kept by the customer for a possible guarantee and warranty case.

If the transport company sends the goods back to the seller, because a delivery to the customer was not possible, the customer bears the cost of unsuccessful shipping. If the customer was not responsible for the circumstance leading to the impossibility of delivery, or if the customer was temporarily prevented from accepting the service offered, unless the seller had informed him of the service a reasonable time in advance the cost of the customer is not.