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SuperGLASS 7

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Elegant design, technological innovation and easy operation
The other detection devices hide, SuperGLASS 7 shows!

SuperGLASS 7 is the first capacitive touch screen presence detection terminal with advanced features to meet the most complex operational security requirements. Its innovative and modern design makes it suitable for any environment, even the most luxurious. The fully glass front panel adds shine and lightness to the capture device and matches it to the environment. The wide, durable touch screen color display not only allows you to see presence, but also to greet visitors, follow advertisements or provide information about the company.

Innovation first!
Configuring over the Internet from any browser, SuperGLASS 7 is the ideal solution for any type of business as it is an instant-on device thanks to the integrated presence detection application. The Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system allows you to program SuperGLASS 7 in a .NET environment, meeting any requirement for data collection; An FTP server / client connection also allows the automatic transfer of files. Keeping and protecting the information captured by SuperGLASS 7 and sharing data with the server is ensured by secure HTTPS connections, preventing any forgery.


  • Capacitive touchscreen display;
  • Ready-to-use device thanks to the integrated presence detection and access control application;
  • Fully configurable and managed via the Internet and compatible with the Zucchetti GmbH X1 and X2 readers;
  • Fully programmable in Microsoft .NET to meet any data collection requirement;
  • FTP server / client connection for the automatic transfer of files to and from a server;
  • Multimedia functions: VOIP, also with video, playback of audio files, text to speech, video streaming on the Internet;
  • Battery with long autonomy for operation in case of power failure.