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SuperGLASS 4

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Style and innovation in a touch screen terminal

SuperGLASS 4 is a time recording terminal that guarantees the highest level of security. Super GLASS 4 has a capacitive or resistive 4.3 inch color touch screen and buzzer for audible signals. It’s innovative and easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface.

SuperGLASS 4 is a ready-to-use device with built-in presence detection capabilities to meet a wide variety of data collection and enterprise security needs.

For small-scale systems, the Web Table Editor feature allows autonomous management of the entire access control system directly from a PC’s browser, eliminating the need to install communication and configuration software.



  • the clear visualization of the time and the direction of movement;
  • the efficient reporting of the results of transactions;
  • the ability to execute PIN transactions through the virtual keyboard;
  • the free definition of reasons;
  • the visualization of messages personalized by user;
  • the ability to display all the cancellations of a user;
  • the functionalities used for the management and control of access; Whitelist, time zones and complete control of 2 passes even in environments where a high level of security is required (thanks to the 485 boards that can be installed in a secure environment).
  • Biometrics: Enlargement of the SuperGLASS 4 with up to 8 devices FingerBOX or XFinger enables the enrollment and the transfer of fingerprints to the end devices such as AX GATE and AX DOOR.
  • In case of power failure, SuperGLASS 4 does not switch off! Thanks to the serial internal battery that keeps it working for hours.


  • Optional internal WiFi module;
  • Capacitive or resistive touchscreen display for vertical or horizontal installation;
  • Ready to use thanks to the use of integrated presence detection and access control;
  • Can be configured and managed over the Internet using standard communication protocols (HTTP, FTP) or via the Web Table Editor;
  • The real-time communication with an online server during operation (exchange of stamps, change of status …) can also be based on the encrypted protocol HTTPS;
  • Integrated server and FTP client with the ability to automatically transfer the transactions to a server for import in third party programs (the cancellations are stored in the text file in personalized format);
  • External USB interface to the cancellations
  • to download (usable in standalone systems with a protected password);
  • High security and extensibility of the number of readers to be connected and the number of available I / Os. For port 485, biometric XFinger devices and FD NeoMax modules can be connected