The TIMENSION Vario terminal for very special tasks

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The warehouse of a logistics company often goes round the clock. Trucks want to load quickly, processes are usually tight. Forklift trucks driving to a secured area storing pallets and picking them up, costs mainly time and nerves with a normal locking system. In order to counteract the uninterrupted workflow of a forklift driver, the TIMENSION Vario Terminal was integrated into a ceiling suspended cube. This terminal controls a sliding gate 5 meters away, which controls the access to the secured area, which opens and automatically closes again.

The forklift driver can remain seated on his vehicle, holding his transponder in front of the TIMENSION Vario Terminal, in a fraction of a second, the authorization is checked, and if positive, the sliding gate opens as if by magic.

The workflow has been optimized with the TIMENSION Vario Terminal and is a strong concept for the current modern freight sector.