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The X3 is the flagship of our cheap XFamily. It differs from the X2 by having a modern graphic color display with touch screen instead of an LCD screen. For this reason, it is particularly good in areas that are accessible to customers and therefore must be visually appealing. In addition, the benefits of X1 and X2 also apply to X3. Since it is particularly cheap and easy to assemble, it is particularly well suited to attach directly to individual work areas. This allows cost centers to be ideally calculated and settled. Like X1 and X2, the X3 only needs a power and network connection.

Web interface
It is possible to configure and manage X3 entirely via the web (settings parameters, ID cards, users with names, permissions, check of bookings, etc.).

All presence detection functions are already integrated into the solutions and can also be con fi gured via the web.

Touch screen
Retaining the same compact dimensions of its predecessors, X3 features a numeric keypad and a touchscreen that makes operation intuitive.

Graphic color display
The large 4.2 “color display with resolution 480 × 272 pixels allows sharply defined image reproduction as well as the display of transactions and the input of the causes, which can be selected with a simple tap of the finger.