2211 Terminals

Your strong partner for every business

The Time Attendance Terminal 2211 is specially designed for rough environments. In the warehouse or in large productions one needs a particularly robust and strong device. Thanks to its large buttons, it is also easy to use with firm working gloves.

Technically sophisticated, yet easy to install and handle, it covers all working hours. Thus, the electronic time recording with the 2211 terminal minimizes the time and effort involved in the acquisition and gives you the freedom you need for an efficient production process.

The 2211 Time Attendance Terminal is often used in combination with the TIMENSION Cloud. Of course, the data collected comply with the obligation to record according to the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).


  • LCD text display


  • 3 permanently programmed keys
  • plus 2 individually programmable buttons

Communication interfaces

  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (LAN / WLAN), WLAN
  • Read Units: ACSIT, ACSIT HS, Mifare, Legic


  • Power supply 230 V


  • Max. 2 watts

With our flexible and compatible hardware solutions from the TIMENSION Indurtrie series, companies can achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Your company adapts effectively to changes – cost-cutting, legal compliant and earnings-enhancing.