ECJ ruling obliged to timekeeping – What now?


TIMESYS offers individual solutions for employers – Because the latest ruling of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on 14.05.2019 made the protection of employees by complete time recording their duty. The verdict must first be implemented in national law, how you can already prepare for it as a company, we show you in this post.

With the judgment (C-55/18), the topic of time recording thus enters the concrete discussion. For working time models such as “home office” and “mobile working” are introduced in many places and may not be withdrawn without violating or reducing the employee’s rights.

Future employer duties:

  • Establishment of a system for measuring daily hours worked
  • Lens, reliable and accessible
  • With selective traceability of working hours

Solution: Our software adapts to you

With the TIMENSION software, we design an individual solution for you, even for difficult requirements, to suit the company. TIMESYS focuses on the needs of the employer and employee and supports entrepreneurs to maintain the individual flexibility of their working time models and to remap even complex time models.

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