5 Tips for Data Management: How to use the summer break efficiently!

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Tidy up, organize and structure your business data – with suitable reportings you get clear overviews of your data – daily updated and complete even in the “summer slump”.

Data, data, data – At the middle of the year, documents and data are only collected and stored. The colleagues travel to faraway countries, the newly introduced processes from the committed spring wear off in everyday life. Data is left behind or not evaluated at all because there is little interest in maintaining it during the summer break.

But the information from the data is already needed in autumn for the end of the year. When the entire workforce has returned home to their offices and the management demands hard facts, some figures still slumber unprocessed in the databases.

Our 5 most important tips for an efficient use of data in summer:

Enterprise-wide automation
  1. Set up automated processes – in the entire company, from different departments. Get monthly, weekly or daily reports from the system. Determine flexibly the time window which is most meaningful for your enterprise and bring relevant data to a predetermined and central destination – so you save yourself the late research and have already collected all data at the right place.
Organize and segment
  1. Instruct at least two persons to maintain and check the data and do not grant both persons leave at the same time. In this way, you can ensure that your processes run without interruption using the substitution rule.
  2. You also divide the data only for certain authorization groups – so only the responsible employees receive the relevant data for them – an overload by a flood of data is avoided.
Gather and share experience
  1. In the end it depends on the relevance of the data – collect from the outset only data, which are important for your decisions. You can archive surplus documents and only pick them up again if necessary. You can draw your own conclusions from the reports and take valuable experience with you – formulate it clearly to your employees and thus increase the quality of your reports.
Stay on course and reach your goal!
  1. Using current figures, you can more quickly see whether your course in production, sales, marketing, purchasing, finance, etc. is still pointing in the right direction. Such a regular comparison of your company goals and the current status quo provides you with the ability to act quickly – you have the flexibility and the freedom to rethink and can correct and advance the course by making a new decision.

Every day counts – even in the “summer slump”

With every decision on every single day, you come closer to your corporate goal. So don’t miss out on using your options during the summer break and let the information gained from the data work for you. With the current reporting of TIMENSION’s Info Service you not only create a complete reporting for your management – you also gain a real competitive advantage. Start the autumn prepared and make your decisions based on well-founded evaluations instead of estimates.